Look at what people are saying about us!

The Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Ritz Tours is committed to providing the best quality Europe, Asia, and China tours at the most affordable price. Because of this dedication, people have been singing our praises! Take a gander at this satisfied customer’s 5-star review of Ritz Tours on Yelp:

“Went on a .com tour to China in June ’07. For the price, it was perfect. The hotels I stayed in were nice, the food was good, the guides spoke English and were informative, and I saw most of the places that I wanted to see. There was an older lady in my group who walked very slow & the tour leader always took care of her while the tour guide took care of the rest of us. Both the leader & guide were very helpful. Compared to their competitors, Ritz provides great bang for the buck. For the same itinerary, some of the other companies charge upwards of $1000 more!”

Thanks, K C. from Monterey Park!

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